Amanda Lapus Santos is a Filipina visual artist. She enjoys working with vibrant colour and expressionism in her artworks, and collaborating with people with shared passions.

Having to move from Brazil, to Hong Kong, to the Philippines in my childhood, I found change to be unsettling. But now I take the shifts in location as a benefit, as it widened my influences, my openness to beliefs and cultures, and my circle of friends and mentors. I am interested in exploring the issue of identities, as our globalized world seems to be growing with so many diasporic people, and yet shrinking, as people are better connected with travel and technology. Travel and all the wonders of different countries really inspire me.

Most of my work is nature-inspired, however, I am constantly exploring new themes motivated by major changes in my life, such as marriage, motherhood and a return to childhood loves. And although my strength is in painting, I enjoy urban sketching, making collages and have delved into printmaking, clay-modeling, and digital art.

Lastly, I am most interested in tackling environmental issues, concerned mainly with how we are depleting our natural resources so carelessly, and the rapid extinction of species, especially marine animals. I have joined in advocacies such as Dolphins Love Freedom Murals, but would like to become more active in inter-community and international collaboration projects that involve societal transformation.



  • January 2019 - The Uncanned Project, with ART SEIZE, for SAW Singapore Art Week 2019, Grids & Circles | Singapore

  • March 2018 - U/Nique, with UNCANNED ART, for RDSS Rare Disorders Society Singapore, Vagabond Club | Singapore

  • October 2017 - To Be Fair, with UNCANNED ART, for AWARE Singapore and Daughters of Tomorrow, Vagabond Club | Singapore

  • September 2017 - Millennials' Voices, Art Trek 2017, with the Philippine Embassy of Singapore, Di Legno Gallery | Singapore

  • February 2017 - Expressions of Hope, with UNCANNED ART, for the Aashita Foundation, Hôtel Vagabond | Singapore

  • September 2016 - Art Trek 2016, with the Philippine Embassy of Singapore, Di Legno Gallery | Singapore

  • April 2015 - Seeing with Digital Eyes, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Praxis and Project Space | Singapore

  • January 2015 - Utopia Interactive Arts Festival, SG ArtWeek, Fort Canning Park | Singapore

  • March 2014 - Art in the Park Art Fair, Gallery Bohemia, Salcedo Park | Makati City

  • November 2012 - Underwater Love Group Exhibit, The Pocket Universe Art Collective | Makati City

  • September 2012 - ICONS Group Exhibit, 371 Artspace Galerie Joaquin | San Juan City

  • May 2012 - Revolver Group Exhibit, My Little Art Place, Greenhills | San Juan City

  • March 2012 - DOS POR DOS Group Exhibit, 371 Artspace Galerie Joaquin | San Juan City

  • January 2012 - Even More Instant Doodles Group Exhibit, My Little Art Place | San Juan City

A painting by artist, Amanda Lapus Santos, is very much like her personality – vivid, full of expression and oh-so-bold.
— Jana Blanco, Honeykids Asia of